Thursday, October 15, 2009

Hot Off the Press

Hi everyone! How's your week so far? Mine has flown by! How's the weather where you are? I believe it skipped fall and went straight to winter here in NC. Brr! It is cold! And rainy. Blah. They're even calling for snow here in the mountains (about 45 minutes away from me) this weekend. I was hoping to get up there to see the pretty fall leaves and get some pictures. Maybe there will still be some left by the time I do...

This week, I have one great giveaway to share with you. Lyndsay of LouLouBell is hosting a giveaway by Maramiki. The winner gets the awesome remnant stash shown above! You have until October 23rd to enter HERE...

Don't forget to get in on the giveaway here at The Sunshine Studio too! Nicole of Hot Toffee is offering a pair of her beautiful, fused glass studs to one lucky winner! Read the interview and enter HERE.

Check out these beauties she just added to her shop!

flower power bouquet studs

Last of all; I can't believe I just discovered this unbelievable singer. Two words: Michael Bublé. His voice is amazing and mesmerizing. I could listen to him all day! He just came out with a new cd, Crazy Love. I'll be headed to get it tomorrow. In the meantime, I'll leave you with one of his videos. G'night!

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{Cassandra} said...

Michael Buble is one of my all time favorite artists!
So glad that you've discovered him.