Friday, July 31, 2009

A "thank you" and a sale too!

Hello friends! If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times in the past few days: It's amazing how far behind you can get by taking just a few days off. Whew! I feel like I'm finally getting back on track, getting over a cold, and I'm just plain exhausted. Aren't you glad it's the weekend?!

I must say how very much I appreciate each and every one of the emails, Etsy convos, and blog comments I have received over the last week. I apologize if I have overlooked replying to anyone - just know that it is truly appreciated. It's been a hard time, but we're pulling through. It has been especially hard on my husband and kids. They lost their grandma, and he... well, I can't imagine losing my mother. =(

I know the next few weeks may be even harder, as special days and holidays come around. I know all too well that the pain of losing a loved one never goes away. Especially when they are taken from you so suddenly and unexpectedly. Our only comfort is that they are together now, in a special place, with no more pain and suffering.

On a lighter note...

Here is a beautiful treasury I've been included in!
Feeling Edgy by MarciG

Today is the last day of free shipping in my shop, so please spread the word. Can you believe it's the last day of July?! Where has 2009 gone?

Mention my blog at checkout, and I'll give ya an additional 10% off (refunded through PayPal)!

Thank you again, so very much!

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