Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekend Whimsy - Spa Retreat

Treat yourself with a homemade getaway. Here are some of my top picks to have you relaxed and refreshed in no time.
Have a great weekend!

Give yourself a gentle scrub with these crocheted 100% cotton spa cloths by JN Originals (available in various colors) - $14
Create your own aromatherapy with a soy candle by Cottage Garden Therapi (you choose the scent) - $15.50
Treat your skin with this Rose Honey Facial Masque with goat milk and honey by Faerie Made Soaps - $10
Pamper your feet with these sweet Princess Sheba Slippers made of cotton and silk by sanbro - $25
Cleanse your body with this lovely Demeter's Reunion Soap which is Faerie Made Soap's, "vision of Mother Earth's reunion with her child." Almost too pretty to use! - $6

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