Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weekend Project

I gave a boring antique nightstand this crackle finish a couple weekends ago. It was originally a very dark stained wood. I painted it antique white a while back to go with my bedroom decor. I love the Shabby Chic look, so I thought this would fit in well. I chose a shade of blue called kaleidoscope for the undercoat and heirloom lace for the topcoat. The crackle medium is colorless.

furniture that you would like to crackle paint
drop cloth
two synthetic paintbrushes
crackle medium
*paint for undercoat
paint for topcoat

*paint should be interior latex with a flat or eggshell finish


The first step in this process is to prepare your piece for paint. You should sand it smooth if needed, but make sure that it is clean, dry, and dust-free before starting.
(as seen in picture #1 - thank you, Alvyn, for modeling the dresser)

Protect the area you will be painting in with a drop cloth. Tape off any areas you don't want painted with masking or painter's tape.
(paints and crackle medium shown in picture #2)

Apply the undercoat paint color according to the paint can directions.
Remember! This is the color that will show through!
Allow to dry four hours.
(see picture #3)

Apply the crackling medium. It's important to distribute it evenly. If I were painting a larger surface, I would use a roller. It will crackle in the direction you apply the medium, so try to keep it uniform - if that's the look you're going for.
(see picture #4)

Allow to dry at least one hour. This is the drying time the manufacturer suggests, but I recommend letting it dry overnight. You have up to five days to apply the topcoat.

Apply the top coat. It's important to not paint over an area again and again. Try to apply your paint in one, even stroke. Excessive pressure can cause the crackle medium to roll up, so be careful - it's tricky.

Remove any tape while it's still wet,
so it doesn't pull the paint off with it.
Allow your piece to dry thoroughly before use.
(see picture #5 and 6)

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