Friday, November 20, 2009

Weekend Whimsy {New Moon}

Map Earrings ~ Sherry Truitt
Edward Portrait ~ FineLineArtStudio
My Personal Sun Necklace ~ cinnamon sticks
Spring Wolf Print ~ Fisher Art Works
Vampire Season Print ~ Annadriel's World
Sanguis (blood) Soap ~ Squeaky Queen
Nessie & Jacob Locket ~ FallenHearts
Jacob Black ACEO ~ christydekoning

1 comment:

Pony Girl said...

Beautiful mosaic! I love the things you put together and will check out the links.
I saw the movie last night. A little overwhelming. The theater was a bit noisey and it was distracting to me. I am seeing again w/different friends tonight and I am excited, I think I will like it more the second time.