Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cats, Cake, and Cooking ... Oh My!

First of all, DH's (that's "dear husband", for those of you who don't know) birthday was Monday. For the first time ever, I went out and bought an ice cream cake!! From where else, but Cold Stone Creamery. Yellow cake, sweet cream ice cream, chocolate shavings, fluffy frosting, and cookie dough goodness...Y.U.M!

Then, yesterday, we found two ADORABLE, abandoned kittens.
We all want to keep them, but it's just impossible with (**whispers very quietly** six) indoor cats already! They are just the cutest things! And so lovable. I hope I can find them good homes, and fast! If you're in the area, and you're interested in one of these little babies, please get in touch. (I'm adding a link to an online ad for them.) Like I said, they're adorable; one short-hair, solid black with green eyes; one long-hair white and gray with blue eyes. Both of them are girls and need lots of love. ♥

Well, today will be spent taking care of these little guys, digging the Christmas tree/decorations out of storage, and cooking, cooking, and more cooking.
I hope everybody has a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

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