Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I still haven't recovered from the pain of the dent this put in my pocket. I've contemplated whether it would be worth spending a small fortune on a freakin' VACUUM for a while now. My conclusion was: yes. At least I sure hope so! After my former model (whom, I won't mention) went kaput after barely a year, I figured, heck, I may even save money in the long run. Allergy meds, asthma inhalers, dud vacuums. Need I say more? I broke down and got a Dyson Animal. And no, not just because it's purple!☺Seriously, I have a major allergy problem. Dust, dander, hair, you name it! This particular model is designed for pet owners (that's me!), and asthma sufferers (me also!)!! So far, I'm loving it and thinking it was money well spent. I think I've made a good little investment. I've never been eager to rush home and vacuum before!! It was together in two minutes and I vacuumed the living room floor (which had just been vacuumed with my old model). I was shocked, and a little disturbed, at how much this thing picked up! I've been walking around on that, I thought?! It picked up particles so small - My husband and I both commented we could breathe better almost immediately (did I mention I own cats? lol). Vacuuming may just become my favorite chore. I'm sure there will be more rave reviews to come.

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